What Quest Are You On?

    Feb 4, 2020 | by Anthony Wade

    Each and every one of our lives has a destiny.  Although we have a wonderful eternal promise that is shown to us all throughout the New Testament (John 3:16 and 1 John 2:25, for example), right now I’m talking about something different.  Much like Paul, we should all be striving to live a life where at the end, we can look back and say that we fought a good fight, that we have finished our course, and have kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).  Today, I want to talk about that COURSE.  You have a course that your life can and should take that fully reveals the heart of your heavenly Father.  This should be a path of victory that demonstrates His love, goodness, and provision in each and every area of your life!

    Did you realize, though, that it is your job to seek out and find that course?  It is your calling to SEARCH through the truth of God’s Word and find Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, and allow the reality of His finished work to lead you in your journey.  For a long time, I had a picture of my life as me walking down a pathway and thinking that I was on a quest simply because I was living life.  I thought of my journey as being synonymous with my quest until I looked up the definition of the word “quest” and found out that it is defined as “the act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something.”  Do you see the relationship?  The journey and quest are not the same.  Your quest is the actual search for your journey!

    Please don’t misunderstand me here.  Your quest will be embedded in and essentially become part of your journey.  I just want to clearly illustrate for you that the fact that you woke up this morning and are on your journey doesn’t mean that you are on the right quest!  Throughout your lifetime, you are going to have many opportunities to search after the right things.  Before you can live out the right course for your life, like Paul said that he did, you have to first make sure that your heart is searching for the right things.  We all want to ensure that we are on the right quest, but how can we do that?  Well, it is quite simple.  The Lord really blessed me one morning and it changed my life forever.  He spoke to my heart and showed me that the QUESTION that I ask will fully reveal to Him and to me what QUEST I am ON.

    Immediately, I saw what the Lord was trying to show me!  The questions that I ask and the things for which I search in His Word will completely expose my heart.  Those questions will show what I am pursuing in my life and what is ruling the core of my being.  Jesus said that out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak (Luke 6:45).  So this confirms that the questions that I ask will show the search that is going on in my heart.  If I question the motives of God or what His characteristics are, I am revealing that I’m not sure if He is good, or I’m at least not sure if His goodness is for me.  John 10:10 answers that.  If I ask God why this thing or that thing happened in my life or why Joe or Susie made me feel so badly today, I reveal my selfishness.  I show that, in my heart, it is all about me and I’m more concerned with my feelings than I am about the Word of God that ironically holds the answers to all of those problems.  After all, Mark 4:17 shows us that these persecutions exist solely to prove the Word!  If I ask God about money all the time, it shows that even though I seem humble, I am really looking to mammon to supply my needs when I really need to realize that God is my source (Matthew 6:24,33).

    On the other hand, if I ask the right questions, I will realize some amazing things.  If I ask the Lord to reveal to me how I am the righteousness of God in Christ, I will reveal my quest to show light to a dark world the right way.  If I question how I can take my place and operate His grace, or His ability, in my life, I reveal a quest to achieve the greatness of which He is truly the only source.  At the end of your life, you will want to say that you finished a good course.  Finding the reality of who you are in Christ Jesus is the only thing that will get you on that path.  Search for that reality.  Make it your life’s quest today!

    Today’s Word Study:  1 Corinthians 2:1-16

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